What’s the future of television? Last time I tried to tackle this, print was a great medium to publish some research, the World Wide Web lacked still a browser, and the future (as in The Year 2000) had some six years to evolve as described.

If you want to poke some fun at me, you can check into a German university library and unearth a copy of the booklet.  Because, as Niels Bohr so rightly said: Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future. And, even more so,  putting an exact date on a prediction, is definitely not best practice. And choosing a date in a very near future is even less commendable, as hindsight will prove you wrong while still being around.

But hey, the journey is the reward. Last time, I wasn’t so bad. And the nice thing about doing it this time on the Interwebs: compared to some dusty pages in a university library, this blog will be a bit more accessible, for better or worse.

Have fun

Hubert Gertis