Watching video while watching TV

Talk about multi screen experience: one in four of 15,000 respondents aged 16-59 claims to watch video on a second screen while “watching” TV.  Says a study by Ericsson ConsumerLab. Now, can we get pretty please the numbers for the 16-35 age bracket?


TV got so boring, you have to watch a video while watching it?

As with any study: be careful who published what for what reason. But this special nugget correlates nicely with this quote out of the Cross Screen Engagement study by Microsoft Advertising, Flamingo and Ipsos OTX.


It is TV’s dirty little secret: the totally immersive experience of the 60ies is now a rare occasion, it’s more like ambient media now. I think Philips got it totally right with the Ambilight TVs. A TV is a wall lamp, that talks. Which, even for commercial broadcasters, is not a bad thing at all. Instead of actively switching channels when the ad block starts, the buddy device is kept in mumbling mode. Meaning: recall of spots and brands should be higher.
Because, over all, low attention beats actively switching off.


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